Austin Facelift Surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden


Do you need an Austin Facelift Surgeon? With the aging process, there is a loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin resulting in wrinkles (or rhytides), decreased muscle tone, and loss of fatty tissue immediately beneath the facial skin. Also, there may be an accumulation of fatty tissue and relaxed muscle under the chin. This fan shaped muscle (the platysma) may show bands or spreading neck cords with age. Jowling, midface descent, and prominent nasolabial folds may also be apparent as we get older.

Heredity, smoking, stress, hormonal influences, and sun exposure definitely influence the progression of facial aging. Austin facelift surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden performs facelift surgery in Austin at her fully accredited office operating suite to improve the appearance of the mid- and lower face and neck.  Dr. Walden also often performs forehead/browlift rejuvenation and eyelid lift surgery (blepharoplasty) in conjunction with a face lift. A cheek lift may be combined with a face lift procedure to improve the central portion of the face, and buccal fat pad resection may be performed to help alleviate heavy “chipmunk” cheeks caused by ptosis of the buccal fat pads within the deep space of the cheek.

The term “facelift” is actually a broad term encompassing a range of different techniques that can be performed to lift and improve the contour of the lower two-thirds of the face and the neck. The type of facelift performed by Austin facelift surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden depends upon the assessment of the individual patient and the aspects of the aging face that apply to that individual. Dr. Walden will meet with you and perform a history and physical exam prior to making recommendations on your particular treatment plan.

Often Dr. Walden may recommend autologous fat transfer to the face at the same time as a facelift to enhance the lips and perioral area, fill in the nasolabial folds (laugh lines), and the hollows (tear troughs) under the eyes. Laser resurfacing is also available and may be performed with the facelift procedure in the operating room or as a standalone procedure for skin resurfacing in those with sun damage and superficial skin wrinkles.  Dr. Walden uses the Sciton Joule, the “Cadillac” of lasers, and the go-to laser for many of the world’s most well known plastic surgeons who incorporate laser and light based therapy into their practice.

  • A More Youthful Appearance
  • Diminished Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Correction of Sagging
  • Better Lower Face Contour
  • Restoration of a Jawline
  • Sharper Neck Angle

Austin facelift surgery turns back the hands of time to help patients look as young as they feel.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an Austin, Texas based plastic surgeon who trained with world-renowned experts on the technique and manner in which to safely perform a facelift to yield reproducible, natural, and definitive results.  Dr. Walden was selected as an aesthetic surgery fellow from 2003-2004 where she trained at The Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital with facelift experts such as Dr. Sherrell Aston and Dr. Daniel Baker.  Dr. Walden also learned from Dr. James Stuzin during her externship with this facelift expert in Miami during her residency training.  She practiced in New York City for eight years after her fellowship in association with Dr. Aston, and returned to Austin in 2011 to start her own aesthetic surgery practice.  Now Dr. Walden is often invited to visit other training institutions and conferences and lecture on this topic to other surgeons, and was selected in April 2014 as one of Harper’s Bazaar 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in the United States.  For Dr. Walden’s complete training and biography, please click here.


Wrinkles and fine lines are some of the greatest contributors to an aged appearance, and they can appear on almost any area of the face, especially below the lower eyelids, in the midface, and from the nose to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds). Facelift surgery reduces these pesky furrows by correcting underlying depressions that allow the skin to fold and pulling wrinkled skin smooth.  The facial tissues are adjusted, the muscles tightened, and the skin is pulled smooth to give patients a firm appearance that is still natural. It is not uncommon for patients look up to ten to fifteen years younger after undergoing this procedure with Austin plastic surgeon and facelift expert, Dr. Jennifer Walden.


Loose skin, fat deposits, and weakened tissues beneath the skin often cause the face to sag, especially along the jawline and into the neck. Austin Facelift surgery lifts and tightens the underlying tissues of the face to reduce sagging, and excess fat deposits can be removed if necessary.


Dr. Walden has her own AAAASF accredited on-site operating room allowing for the most private and comfortable environment for all of her cosmetic patients. The facility is spacious and fully equipped including all of the instrumentation needed for any of the procedures the doctor performs. Austin Facelift Patient safety is the first consideration, and to that end all operating and anesthesia staff are familiar with Dr. Walden’s routine and are fully licensed and credentialed. In addition, all systems, including oxygen, suction, lighting and electricity, have back-up sources.

With a private on-site facility, patients wishing for privacy need not worry about running into an acquaintance in a hospital waiting area. In addition, greater scheduling flexibility is an added convenience of a private facility. If you would like to learn more, our staff would be happy to take you on a tour of her operating facility during your consultation.

For Austin Facelift patients desiring the added comfort and convenience of an overnight stay, The Hospital at Westlake Medical Center is the perfect answer. This on-site hospital provides 24-hour care in a friendly environment that rivals five-star hotels.  If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with Austin facelift surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden in her office, please contact us at 512-328-4100.

Please see Dr. Walden’s curriculum vitae for more detailed information or click here to see her main practice website.